The Invisible Deck: Powerful and Brand New Ways To Use It! by Molim El Barch eBook DOWNLOAD

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The Invisible Deck: Powerful and Brand New Ways To Use It! by Molim El Barch eBook DOWNLOAD
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The Invisible Deck might be the most widely used trick deck in the world, due to its easy handling and its hard-hitting effect. In this PDF you will learn four powerful and brand new ways to use this deck in new ways.

If you browse the Internet, you will find a few ideas regarding how to use it differently from how most people perform it. However, I came up with four new ideas as to how to use this great deck that are original, easy and hard hitting!

In this PDF you will learn:

l. Stranger knows:

A spectator freely takes a card out of a deck he is holding in his hands and than calls his friend, asking him to think of a card.

His friend names a card on the phone, and it will be the one the spectator chose before!

- This effect is a reputation maker!

ll. Coincidence:

Two decks are on the table. The spectator decides which deck he wants to use, and blindly chooses one card and turns it face down in the deck.

The magician then opens the other remaining deck, revealing that one card is already turned around in it. When the spectator looks at the card he is holding in his hands, he is stunned to see that the two cards match!

III. Invisible ACAAN:

An interesting combination between the famous Any Card At Any Number plot and the Invisible Deck.

lV. Remember me:

This is beautiful! You leave the spectator with a magical feeling of wonder behind, making her/him never forget that moment.

Then you give out a beautiful souvenir that the person will keep for a long time, I promise!

Download the eBook and learn!