THE CHANGE by Magic Royal and Mr. Pablo video DOWNLOAD

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THE CHANGE by Magic Royal and Mr. Pablo video DOWNLOAD
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20,30 CHF
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THE CHANGE is the further development of a well-known, very popular close-up magic trick.

The manufacturing of THE CHANG won't cost you a fortune, just the equivalent of a glass of good wine.

With THE CHANGE, you can present a fantastic royal piece of art without any difficult handling.

You are able to first make a coin disappear with help of a transparent water glass, and a napkin and then transform this coin into, for example a 2 Euro coin in front of the spectators. All in full view of the glass and a plain napkin.

But that is not the highlight yet. Now you take your shaker with magic salt, sprinkle the glass with the napkin and THAT'S NOT THERE, both coins have disappeared!

The audience will amaze with this trick!

Note: explanation video is available in English and German.

Download the video and learn it now!

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