PREDI-CLIPS by Bachi Ortiz - download

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PREDI-CLIPS by Bachi Ortiz - download
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6,05 CHF
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Imagine showing a small black envelope with three paper clips visible. You ask a viewer to sort the clips however they want, combining the colors as they like. Then you leave the envelope in plain sight with a prediction inside.

After the viewer forms a chain with the clips at will, you dump the content of your overprediction, dropping three other hooked clips in the same order that the viewer did. Your prediction was perfect! Now you keep the clips inside the envelope and you can give everything as souvenirs.

The protagonists are the colors of three clips, which is why they make it a very particular trick. This prediction contains small elements with immense magic.


  • Always carry it with you.
  • Do it up close and in street magic.
  • No forcing.
  • Easy to do.

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