Lord and Master of the Rings - Cellini (DVD)

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Lord and Master of the Rings - Cellini (DVD)

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Die Chinesischen Ringe sind eine der ältesten und klassischten Effekte der Magie. Und noch immer faszinieren diese das Publikum immer von Neuem. Lernen Sie von Cellini und werden zum "Herr der Ringe".



"The Chinese Linking Rings have passed through more hands and gathered more dust than any other effect in the history of magic. They have been twisted, hollowed out, bent, stretched, miniaturized, ostracized and reduced from sixteen rings down to two. The key ring itself has undergone remarkable changes-we now have the locking ring. As an alternative let us take the normal key, rework the handling and return the rings to their rightful place as a classic in magic.
This DVD is not concerned with a specific routine, but rather a unique set of ideas, challenging the onlooker's imagination to create a performance by which he may someday acquire the title Lord and Master of the Rings." -Cellini