Decks and Deceptions by Brent Braun (DVD+Download)

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Decks and Deceptions by Brent Braun (DVD+Download)
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Brent's "A" Material.Perfektioniert über 10 Jahre in einer laten und chaotischen Umgebeung.



“My wife has seen it all. And long story short, it floored her. I’m talking, jaw dropped open, mumbling under her breath, fooled her.” –David McCreary

“If you work at all in demanding circumstances, you’re gonna appreciate what a godsend this is.” –Jack Carpenter

Brent Braun ist der richtige Deal. Er arbeitet in den taffesten Veranstaltungsorten. Laute, chaotische Bars. Er braucht visuell, POWERFUL Tricks, die in der Umgebung voll einschlagen.
Diese Sammlung von Magie ist sein Material. Das Material, dass er über 10 Jahre perfektioniert hat.

Finden Sie heraus, warum professionelle Magier zuhören, wenn Brent Braun auftritt.

Effects Taught:

Torched and Restored
Brent’s handling of the Classic torn and restored card plot that set the magic world on fire and with over 15 years of real world performance you will learn all the details that make this effect a true worker and something you will do.

Kick Back Transpo
Two cards instantly trade places with out ever being touched by the magician, and then change back just as fast. Brent considers this the strongest piece of magic he has ever created. That’s saying a lot.

Ball Through Glass
A ball penetrates a glass table. No handkerchiefs, No plastic frames, No Camera tricks. Just bam!

Sympathetically Triumphant
A handling of Vernon’s Classic plot that is as clever as it is powerful. Did we mention the kicker ending? I hope not we don’t want to spoil it for you.

Thought of card
This is the 3 phase routine that Brent has been using for over 10 years to fool magicians. It is being taught here in full detail for the first time.

Card Number Deck
A stand up handling of card at number that will fool you. The cards are out of Brent’s hands and spread on the table before a number is ever thought of.
Brent has been using this theatrical routine to close his mentalism shows for years.

A card stab that makes sense and can be used on stage just as easily as in the bar or pub. This doesn’t look like a magic trick. It looks like crazy, pure, mad, dart throwing skills.

Also Featuring other techniques and effects including the methods Brent has used in his ambitious card routine to fool some of the world’s most knowledgeable magicians.

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