Classic renditions Vol. 2 (DVD) by Michael Ammar

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Classic renditions Vol. 2 (DVD) by Michael Ammar
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Gummiband Zauberei, die aus dem Stehgreif praktizierbar ist, ist für einen Zauberkünstler Gold wert. Die Routinen sind für Beginner und alle anderen geeignet.


A true Magician, Michael Ammar takes you through all his routines using the latest findings in brain research and sports training techniques that will make learning the fundamentals easier than ever.

Impromptu Rubber Band Magic is worth its weight in gold to the performing magician. Practical for the casual performer, captivating for the trade show performer, and absolutely perfect for the professional magician who wants to retain their performance credibility in social situations. Including The Crazy Man's Handcuffs, Dan Harlan's Traveling Cash, and The Broken and Restored Rubber Band-simple, yet stunning effects.

You'll see all three effects performed in the ultimate challenge situation: surrounded, in the middle of a swimming pool! Then each technique is carefully explained, along with the performance philosophies that make each effect come across as real magic.


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