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Best of All Worlds - Book
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Magic Book , 400 pages, Hardbound



Filled with history, stories, and, most of all, magic, Best of All Worlds pays tribute to one of the greatest card tricks of all time: Paul Curry's classic card effect Out of This World.

Best of All Worlds is not just a book about a 'Magic Trick". It is an extensive, in-depth look at what Dai Vernon called "the card trick of the century."

Here are SOME of the reviews:

"This is certainly the most complete resource on this subject that I have seen. If you are thinking about adding this killer trick to your repertoire, you need to study this book to find the method that best fits your needs. It's all in there. All you need to do is start digging!" - Doc Eason

"This book is a true resource for lovers of the Paul Curry Classic, Its a honor to be part of it" - Jon Armstrong

"The quintessential reference work for the well stocked magic library, collecting final words on one of the greatest card effects of all time" - Michael Ammar

"This book is like visiting the brains of different magicians and seeing how they think." - David Regal

"Best of All Worlds is an excellent tome that will save you countless hours of research on the greatest card trick ever invented. I love it!" - Daryl, The Magician's Magician

"Best of All Worlds is a first-class production"Karl Fulves

"A unique collection of what most of us believes to be the best card trick for lay audiences. Well done!" - Roberto Giobbi

"Your beautiful book arrived to day, many many thanks. I'm privileged to be part if it - I'm sure I'll feel even more so when I have the chance to work through it. Good luck with - I hope it is as successful as it is elegant." - J. K. Hartman

"Your Best of All Worlds has reached my doorstep, and it is a handsome effort. I've begun paging through it, reacquainting myself with certain handlings, enjoying others new to me. It is very generous of you to have sent me a copy, and I assure you, it will provide pleasure and future reference. Thank you" - Stephen Minch

"I got the book and had my money's worth by the second page of Weber's intro. You guys did a great job on this -- great title, great organization, excellent references." - Bob Farmer

"We are impressed by the production value - it is beautifully designed." - Norm Nielsen Magic

Foreword written by Max Maven

Preface written by Michael Weber

Chronicling the creative evolution of this single magical effect over seven decades, Best of All Worlds brings the history and challenges of Out of This World to light. It is a unique collection of over thirty routines -- some old, some new, some never before seen in print -- submitted by the world's leading magicians. In addition to their personal performances, the contributors have given insight into and musings about how this classic effect has influenced their magic.

Out of This World has influenced some of the world's greatest magicians. It temporarily put a World War on hold. The odds of it actually happening are staggering.

Contributions from: Aaron Fisher, Aldo Colombini, Alex Elmsley, Allan Ackerman, Allen Zingg, Arthur Benjamin, Audley Walsh, Barrie Richardson, Darwin Ortiz, Daryl, David Regal, Doc Dixon, Doc Eason, Doug Conn, Ed Marlo, Eugene Burger, Francis Carlyle, Gary Ouellet, Gregory Wilson, Harry Lorayne, Helder Guimar�es, Herb Zarrow, Howard Hamburg, J.C. Wagner J.K. Hartman, Jack Parker, James Swain, Jason England, Jay Sankey, Jim Steinmeyer, John Carney, John Scarne, Jon Allen, Jon Armstrong, Joshua Jay, Juan Tamariz, Karl Fulves, Kenton Knepper, Larry Becker, Lee Asher, Luke Jermay, Mark Wilson, Martin Gardner, Martin Nash, Micah Cover, Michael Ammar, Mike Sibbernsen, Norman Beck, Norman Gilbreath, Paul Curry, Paul Green, Peter Duffie, R. Paul Wilson, Rafael Benatar, Richard Busch, Richard Kaufman, Richard Osterlind, Roberto Giobbi, Ron Bauer, Ron Wilson, Roy Walton, Simon Lovell, Stephen Minch, Steve Draun, Steve Spill, Steve Valentine, T.C. Tahoe, Tom Ogden, Tomas Blomberg, Tony Clark, Tony Giorgio, Tony Picasso, U.F. Grant, and Whit Haydn.

Written and compiled by Brent Arthur James Geris, Bob Postelnik and Duppy Demetrius.

400 pages, Hardbound

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