Walk Around Wild Card by Michael O’Brien

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Walk Around Wild Card by Michael O’Brien
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    • Wild card, wild reactions. An easy to perform effect that escalates in excitement and impossibility. The best part? No table needed! The actual best part? You can perform the magic in their hands! 

      Thanks to creator Michael Bloemeke, the strolling magician now has a cool, entertaining, and visual piece of magic to be wielded at their convenience.

    • • Assorted black/red 9 Card Wild Card gaff set
      • In-depth tutorial on performance and presentation
      DG Duper Practice, a slow motion POV of required handlings
      • The DG 1 Pager PDF with real life script plus additional tips and subtleties
      • Video subtitles for watching when audio isn't feasible
      • Chapter markers for quick access
      • A link to VLC Media Player with PDF instructions for mirrored playback
      • Performance commentary: O'Brien's commentary over the performance video for play by play insights

      Note: face card sets are not guaranteed.

Cakewalk for the pro.
A breeze for the amateur.
Simple for the hobbyist.
Doable for the beginner after an hour of practice.

If you can show one card as two, you can do this.

Ideal for cocktail events, close-up shows, weddings, and table hopping gigs.

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