The Ninja Rings - Shoot Ogawa (DVD)

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The Ninja Rings - Shoot Ogawa (DVD)
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Die weltbeste Close-Up "Linking Rings" Routine! Shoot Ogawa wird Sie mit seiner Art und seinen Tricks faszinieren, wie Sie es selten gesehen haben. Ninja Rings - einfach cool!


The World's Best Close-Up Linking Ring Routine

When you hear the word Ninja many thoughts enter your mind. Concepts like total precision, unbelievable skill and the ability to do the impossible. You could add to that list advanced planning, choreography and secret weapons. It sounds like an assassination of a feudal lord, and in ancient times it was, but the present day Ninjas are the highest caliber Japanese magicians and now they only assassinate the unsuspecting minds of their audiences.

In 1989 Masahiro Yanagida came to Hollywood's world famous Magic Castle and performed his fabulous Ninja Rings routine for the first time in America. Everyone who witnessed his performance in the legendary close-up gallery could not believe their eyes. The spectators gasped as they saw the small steel rings melt through each other time and time again.
Masahiro fooled many of the the best magicians in the world with his masterpiece. Why? Because he had spent thirteen years perfecting his routine during thousands of performances. His method was traditional but his techniques were revolutionary.

It's now 2003 and Masahiro has passed the mantle to Shoot Ogawa. Shoot has been trained from very early in his youth as a "Ninja Magician." It is rare to see such perfection in someone so young. But Shoot has all of the weapons: incredible skill, expert technique, a wonderful personality, professional presentations and focus. To witness Shoot's handling of Masahiro's Ninja Rings will leave you breathless like all of us so many years ago.

The Ninja Rings is a routine that, once learned, will become a mainstay of your arsenal. The rings are only four and one half inches in diameter but the routine is perfect for formal close-up situations, walk-around, or intimate table side magic. The rings are small and lightweight, but the routine is packed with power and extreme visual magic.

This DVD starts with performances by Masahiro and Keiko. Keiko was the top demonstrator of the Ninja Rings at Wizards Inn, Inc., Masahiro's stores. Shoot Ogawa performs the routine before a live audience, then explains each technique in excruciating detail. Nothing is left out.

After each technique has been learned, Shoot does the entire routine again, but this time very slowly. This clearly puts the entire routine into the correct order for the student. At every step of the way, Shoot explains every facet in precise detail and includes many tips for proper performance.

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