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STOP by BAchi Ortiz - DOWNLOAD
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9,95 €
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If I tell you that this trick is really magic, I'm not lying to you!

It is not easy to achieve magical simplicity and produce the amazement to the public.

This trick is made to a reality and today I will reveal it to you. A completely free card is chosen, and it is lost in the deck. The cards are spread on the table and a completely normal cap is made to run over the cards and will magically stop in a certain place. Some cards are removed, and a new spread is made.

Again, the cap is moved over the cards, and it again stops suddenly on a card... It is the selected card!

The Stop magic trick is money best spent:

  • Free choice.
  • Signed playing card.
  • The cap is totally normal, use the local one!
  • Everything is fully examinable.
  • Easy to perform.
  • Clean and without strange movements

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