Reputation Makers - Charles Gauci (DVD)

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Reputation Makers - Charles Gauci (DVD)

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Auf dieser DVD präsentiert Charles Gauci live seine 6 besten Effekte.


DVD demonstrating Live performance of Charle's six top selling effects including explanations.


Eye to Eye
Body Language
Houdini Card Mystery

Super Memory

Hen Fetch produced a masterpiece of mental magic with his Mental Epic. We believe Nostradamus will become another one of the modern classics of close-up magic. It defies explanation and can be repeated immediately. No resetting required. This effect was 16 years in the making.

Performer shows a metal 5" plaque with 16 magnetic tiles. Four spectators between them rearrange the tiles. The total matches the performer's prediction.
There is a terrific tape recorder prediction presentation in which you can post the prediction beforehand as there is no switch required.
This was reviewed in July's MUM magazine and August Issue of the IBM 's Linking Ring magazine.

The following commentary is from a review posted by Brandon that appeared on 13 July in Magic-Talk Reviews an excellent web site of Brian Dean.
The first effect Numerology is a good prediction effect where a spectator uses Numerology to divine a number. A number of cards equal to the divined number are dealt off the deck to divine a card.
The selected card matches the card in an envelope that has been on display throughout the performance. The effect is good and is super simple as the board does all the work for you. The spectator himself counts down to the selected number. The performer does not touch the deck.
The second effect believe it or not is an ingenious solution for the classic any Card At Any Number. The effect is clear and concise. The first spectator selects a card from the Numerology Board and a second spectator calls out a number between one and fifty-two. The cards are dealt to that number and the card at the chosen number is the card that the first spectator thought of. There are no sleights. Again the board does all the work for you.
You get a double sided laminated board which automates both effects for you. You use your own cards.

Total Running time 1hr 50 minutes


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