On The Spot by Gregory Wilson (DVD)

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On The Spot by Gregory Wilson (DVD)

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On the Spot ist ein Kurs in Impromptu Zauberei. Lernen Sie ihr Publikum mit Alltagsgegenständen zu verzaubern! Einfache aber erstaunliche Routinen!


On The Spot is a guerilla course in performing impromptu magic. Get ready to experience Greg's on-site, out-of-sight insights for real people, in real life with real off the cuff fun!

Imagine showing up at your next gig with no tricks in your pocket. That's right, no tricks! This video teaches you to entertain professionally with normal everyday objects.

With these simple but stunning routines, you'll be able to turn everyday objects into weapons of deception.

Complete routines strong enough for your next paid performance!

Ticker Taker - A super-simple and perfectly motivated watch steal that doesn't take tons of testosterone to perform. Learn how to repeat steal a spectator's watch up to 4 times in a row.

Quick Silver - A quarter disappears and reappears three times - in your eye socket (like a monocle), on the spectator's shoulder, and finally under their watch. All you need is a quarter.

Sponge Napkins - The impact of a sponge ball routine with ordinary cocktail napkins. Greg's gone beyond the ordinary spongeball moves and has them reappearing in surprising places. Greg also introduces a new concealment that will fool you and your spectators.

Open Palm Coins Across - A clean and slick impromptu Coins Across. All you need are 3 borrowed quarters. Better start doing your Pinky-Pushups for this incredibly fair handling.

Head Trip - A Paper Balls over the Head routine with anything - and everything. Gregory grabs glasses, plates, and saltshakers - anything he can get his mitts on!! This routine alone is a postgraduate course in misdirection.

Glossy Finish - A smear of borrowed lipstick penetrates a spectator's tightly clenched fist. This is perhaps the most motivated and natural routine in the series! Even if you're familiar with the method, you'll still be fooled watching the performance!

Toll Free - A Close-up miser's dream that ends with a jumbo production! Multiple methods ensure that spectators never see the same move twice.

99 Cent Trick - Multiple coin vanishes topped off with a dizzying transposition. That's all I'm telling you.

Florida Keys - Ordinary keys and their key ring become a mini Linking Ring routine.

Ring Fright - You toss a borrowed wedding band into the air and then stab it with your finger!

Trick Question, Questionable Trick - A very convincing copper/silver transposition with the spare change in your pocket - a penny and a dime. Now you can perform Scotch and Soda anywhere, at any time.

Playful Pickpocketing - Rob your spectators blind - they'll love your for it. Greg demonstrates how Close-up Pickpocketing can transform the audience's definition of you as an entertainer and erase the lines between performer and audience.

ReCap Revisited - Gregory's classic, as you've never seen it. Greg's added new subtleties, moves and brilliant new ending where the pen is pulled from the pen cap!

•Multiple live performances so you learn the subtleties of performing these effects for real people.
•Comprehensive explanations so you can cut down on practice time and start performing.

Running Time Approximately 123min


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Impromptu magic can't get better than this!
Greg Wilson! Fantastisch! Einfach gut! Wenn du ein Produkt von Greg Wilson siehst und es spricht dich an und du kannst es dir leisten, kauf es!
Was Greg Wilson macht, ist immer gut!
Review by Felix / (Veröffentlicht am 11.09.2020)
Wirklich gut!!!
Tolle, kurzweilige Routinen, sehr gut erklärt und vor echtem Publikum präsentiert.

Das ist wirklich gute Close-up-Zauberei!
Review by Philipp / (Veröffentlicht am 22.01.2020)
Einfach klasse! Es ist für jeden etwas dabei. Die Kunststücke sind kurz, direkt und einfach zu meistern!
Review by Marcus / (Veröffentlicht am 26.03.2017)
Man sieht einen Profi bei der Arbeit. Richtige Zuschauer von der Strasse. Kurze aber wirkungsvolle Routinen.
Review by Benno / (Veröffentlicht am 01.06.2013)
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