NiPhone by Nie Te and Penny Chow - DVD

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NiPhone by Nie Te and Penny Chow - DVD

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Benutzen Sie ihr iPhone ( iOS7 oder andere) um erstaunliche Magic Tricks durchzuführen !



Benutzen Sie ihr iPhone um erstaunliche Magic Tricks durchzuführen !

NiPhone wurde bisher zu 100% positiv von Zauberern bewertet.  Penny Chow und Nie Te haben gemeinsam eine ganz neue magische Routine geschaffen, um die Gen Y iPhone Abhängigen weltweit zu schockieren und zu verblüffen!

Funktioniert mit iPhone, iOS 7 und anderen.

"NiSurmise is worth the price of this DVD alone. An impromptu miracle that you can perform anytime."
- Patrick Kun

"NiCharge is a very cool effect - definitely how the X-Men charge their iPhones."
- Yif

Tricks Included:

Phone Charger - iPhone about to die? Get a friend to refill the battery-no charger required! Penny explains her method step-by-step, and includes two engaging routine ideas to make your performance perfect.

Phone Charger 2.0 - Learn how to make the final charge happen in someone else's hands! Phone magic has never been more magical. Special setup required.

PhoneCrash - Take any borrowed iPhone or iPod and "black out" the Music App-what's more, only a full reset will make their music reappear!

NiCharger - Nie Te reveals his secret to achieving the cleanest charging effect yet: get someone else to charge your iPhone out of your hands from start to finish! Special setup required.

NiSignals - Channel your inner chi to boost your iPhone signal from zero to hero-then take someone's phone call to prove that you are a true zen master. Special setup required.

NiSurmise - Let someone write a message, any message, on their own iPhone, and use "cold reading" to guess the contents. Stun your friends with the most powerful off-the-cuff iPhone trick Magic Soul has to offer!

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