Morgan Coin Ring (Large) by Alchemist Metal Company

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Morgan Coin Ring (Large) by Alchemist Metal Company
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From the company that brought you the worldwide sold out product "Monarch", comes Morgan Ring!

Why do you need a coin ring you say? Well, there are many reason! For those coin and ring magicians out there, having your coin magically melt into a ring "made from you coin" and vice versa. How powerful is that. Yes, you can use any other ring in your routines, but the attention to details are what separates the serious worker from the hobbyists.

This ring would also serve as a conversation starter and a good Segway to lead into your magic routines! A perfect seamless transition!

Available in regular (21mm) and large (23mm)! Get yours now!

Disclaimer: No magic instructions will be provided with this purchase. This is just a tool to enhance your routines.

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