Monet Playing Cards by TCC

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Monet Playing Cards by TCC
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Based on Monet's classic work "Water Lilies," we have crafted an embossed tuck box with a unique numbered seal. The combination of blue and silver highlights a retro aesthetic.

The center of the tuck box features a hollowed-out design, with gold foil accents inside. With a double-layered structure, the cards are removed from the side, adding a sense of ceremony.

It's worth mentioning the face of the cards; all 52 cards and 2 jokers feature cold foil stamping, giving the background a cold foil effect, enhancing the three-dimensional and aesthetic appeal of the artwork.

  • Gorgeous pearl paper tuck box with foil
  • Full laser HOLO illustrations on the card face (Index with no pips)
  • 52 cards + 2 jokers +1 introduction card + 1 holographic artwork card
  • Standard poker-sized playing cards
  • Limited to 2000, with custom numbered tuck seals