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Mental Color by Alfredo Gilè video DOWNLOAD
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Mental Color is a mentalism routine by Alfredo Gilè.

Imagine this: you show five colored cards (blue, yellow, red, purple and green) and a spectator choose only one of these five cards.

Then he puts one colored card inside the black envelop and the other four cards are hidden by another spectator but you'll never see their actions.

You'll always guess what colored card is inside the envelop !

  • No electronic gimmick.
  • No forced cards.
  • No helper.
  • Let the spectator check all!
  • 100% examinable!
  • Easy to do!

Download the video and learn now!


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Amazing trick
Mental color is a great idea and its principle is simply amazing !
Review by Nicmagic / (Veröffentlicht am 13.05.2020)
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