Invisible Elastic (1000 ft Spool) by Supreme Magic World

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Invisible Elastic (1000 ft Spool) by Supreme Magic World
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Professioneller, unsichtbarer und elastischer Faden



his is the strongest and the thinnest Invisible Elastic Thread on Earth!

The thread is wound on a spool by a custom made machine so there is no chance of the thread getting lost and tangled.

The spool contains a whopping life long supply of 1000 ft... Yes. A single strand of 1000 ft ( 300 m). The length of the thread is more than 2 football fields!

It has the greatest stretch-ability of all threads and is absolutely invisible in most light conditions, which makes it the most appropriate thread for making those magical invisible bands.


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Guter feiner Faden
Guter feiner Faden, jedoch etwas umständlich abzufädeln. Habe die richtige Technik noch nicht gefunden, weshalb mir der Faden zu schnell reißt.
Review by Daniel / (Veröffentlicht am 08.10.2021)
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