Easy to master card miracles by Michael Ammar Vol 4 (DVD)

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Easy to master card miracles by Michael Ammar Vol 4 (DVD)
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Die ersten drei Volumes wurden sofort ein Bestseller. Hier nun weitere klassische Kartentricks von einem der besten Magie-Lehrer unserer Zeit.


The first three volumes took the magic world by storm. Consistently classic effects, broadcast quality filming and editing, free bonus effects which include the props, and teaching that is clear, concise, and effective. Each video contains ten classic effects performed before a live audience, multiple camera explanations, and a free bonus effect with each video that includes the special props necessary!

Volume Four
Dunbury Aces
Your Signed Card
Ambitious Classic
J.C.'s Super Closer
Lazy Man's Card Trick
Rubber Band Surprise
Card Thru Table
Dr. Daley's Gambler vs.
Factory Misprints


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