Easy to Master Business Card Miracles with Michael Ammar (DVD)

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Easy to Master Business Card Miracles with Michael Ammar (DVD)
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Machen Sie Ihre Visitenkarte unvergesslich! Lassen Sie diese erscheinen, magisch drucken, schweben und vieles mehr. Eine starke Sammlung von magischen Überraschungen, die mit jeder Visitenkarten ausgeführt werden können.


Make every business card a memorable memento by magically producing, printing, restoring or levitating it as you hand it out. This is a powerful collection of magical surprises that can be performed with any normal business card. Thousands of business cards are handed out every day, yet the ideas taught here can make your business card unforgettable! Not only will you learn the best of the quick, surprising methods of presenting your card, but you will also learn the secret to Doug Bennett's Business Merger - possibly the most diabolically clever Torn and Restored Business Card ever. As a special bonus, you'll also receive a free Showcase Wallet. Thousands of these wallets sold for $10, which is perhaps the coolest, quickest and easiest method of all for magically handing out your business card.

12 Effects Performed and Explained

Business Band-It
Rising Profits
Magnetic Personality
The Incredible Business Machine
Self-Printing Business Cards
Super Self-Printing Business Cards
Good For One Free Lunch
Will The Cards Match
Hard Cash
Magic Words
The Showcase Wallet
Doug Bennett's Business Merger

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