Drink Up!

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Drink Up!

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Aus einem Seidentuch formt sich ein Glas, das Sie dann gefüllt hervorbringen.


Sie legen ein Seidentuch auf Ihre ausgestreckte Hand. Auf ihr Kommando und wie von Geisterhand formt sich aus dem Seidentuch ein Glas, das Sie dann hervorbringen.

Sie erhalten eine englische Instruktions-DVD, ein spezielles Seidentuch und ein speziell gefertigtes Gimmick.

Englische Originalbeschreibung:

Lay a silk on your empty outstretched palm. At your command, the ghost-like form of a glass slowly rises from beneath the silk!

This visible 'elevator' appearance is otherworldly - like a Hollywood special effect.

You suddenly whisk the silk away to reveal - a drink! You can hand the drink to a spectator to drink - it's real! The production looks so good, words don't do it justice. Check out the online movie - you'll be blown away!

Drink Up! is a startling new method for making a drink appear. Your hands are clearly empty, and both sides of the silk can be displayed prior to the production. There are no body loads, and it works with any glass of liquid

Drink Up! completely revolutionizes the drink production because it's practical, workable and simple to learn. The bottom line is, you'll be producing drinks and making friends everywhere. Bottoms up

Drink Up! comes with a self-contained silk that does almost all the work for you. It fits in your front pocket like an ordinary hanky, and is ready to go at any time. Additionally, it's reversable - so you can perform Drink Up! with the highly reflective shimmering gold, or the more understated and elegant black.

Drink Up includes the custom-made gimmick, the specially designed silk and professionally produced video CD.

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