Cups and Balls - Part of the Greater Magic Library (DVD)

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Cups and Balls - Part of the Greater Magic Library (DVD)
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Ein klassischer Effekt wird auf dieser DVD durchleuchtet. Detaillierte Instruktionen von verschiedenen weltbekannten Magiern ...


This is the first volume of the Teach-In series. It spotlights a magical classic and gives an in-depth view of the popular effect-Cups & Balls. This concept of DVD instruction features a variety of magic's most legendary artists performing and explaining one classic effect. No other multimedia library contains such a rich array of talent and material from which to draw. For example, on this DVD see how Johnny Paul's famed Cups-And-Balls routine differs from Charlie Miller's, Michael Ammar's and Mike Rogers'. Gain insight on each performer's philosophy, style and subtlety on the same effect. Featured on this DVD are: Charlie Miller, Johnny Paul, Mike Rogers and Michael Ammar.

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