Classic renditions Vol. 1 (DVD) by Michael Ammar

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Classic renditions Vol. 1 (DVD) by Michael Ammar

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Lassen Sie einen ausgeliehenen Geldschein schweben und Ihre Zuschauer werden begeistert sein. Mit dieser DVD zeigt Ihnen Michael Ammar wie es funktioniert!


A true Magician, Michael Ammar takes you through all his routines using the latest findings in brain research and sports training techniques that will make learning the fundamentals easier than ever.

Float a borrowed bill at the right time and people will talk about you for the rest of their lives. Michael walks you step-by-step through the Floating Bill as he performed it on The Tonight Show. You'll learn how to prepare the gimmick, how to load the bill onto and off the gimmick without breaking it, how to escalate the effect in the mind of the spectator, how to end with the spectator unwrapping the bill, and how to remain constantly hooked up using the invisible Elastic Gimmick. Also featuring John Cornelius' The Coin That Falls Up, The Coin Through Glass Top Table, the Coin Through Swinging Glass Door, and John's beautiful Visual Retention Coin Pass.


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