Chop (Gimmicks and DVD) by Craig Petty

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Chop (Gimmicks and DVD) by Craig Petty
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7 fantastischn Routinen mit einem signierte Geldschein, einem Becher und einer Zitrone.


Craig Petty has finally released a routine which has been his closer for over 2 years.

A signed bill and a regular cup are used to perform the most stunning 7 phase Chop Cup style routine you will ever see. To finish, a real lemon appears and the bill is visibly pushed into the lemon, leaving your hands empty. At this point the lemon can be examined before it is cut open to reveal the spectators signed bill inside - KILLER!

• Only one balled up note used throughout the entire Chop Cup routine
• Regular cup that can be examined at any time by the audience
• Perform moves you couldn't dream of doing with a regular Chop Cup
• Use any table surface or even the spectator's hand - perfect for real world conditions

Includes a special bonus routine 'Sharp' using a Sharpie Marker which is the perfect lead in to CHOP or a great stand alone effect.

"Holy cow.. I just got a my dvd of CHOP.. wow.. what a routine.. so well thought out.. a tour de force if there ever was one....Huzzah Mr Petty.. This is a gem."
- Doc Eason

"Petty does it again! A killer gimmick and a killer routine! This is a truly ingenious concept that opens up so many possibilities."
- David Forest

"Creative, Real World, Amazing, Inventive, and Great, But Hey, that is just Craig!!"
- Ben Williams

"This little baby is now in my pocket 24/7"
- Alan Rorrison

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 40min


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Sehr gut durchdacht.
Anfangs fand ich das Gimmick etwas enttäuschend .. es ist ein Sharpie .. aber man kann damit quasi eine Impromptu Chopcup Routine voführen. Es gibt viele gute Ideen für eine eigen Routine. Besonders mag ich den Bonus seiner Flipstick Routine mit dem Sharpie. Wer überall chopcuppen will - Das ist es!
Review by Marcus / (Veröffentlicht am 26.03.2017)
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