CARD PREVISION by Kenneth Costa and Andre Previato -download

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CARD PREVISION by Kenneth Costa and Andre Previato -download
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10,15 CHF
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Introducing the CARD PROVISION

Prepare to redefine the boundaries of impossibility with our stunning new magic effect!

Picture this: A card, seemingly chosen at random from the middle of the deck, becomes the epicenter of an astonishing magical feat. The magician unveils a prediction card, setting the stage for the impossible to unfold right before the spectator's eyes.

This magic is not just a trick; it's an experience that captivates and leaves a lasting impression. The visual impact is nothing short of spectacular, making it the perfect addition to your routines at shows and events.

Key features:

180° Angle Performance: Capture the attention of your audience from every angle as you execute this mesmerizing feat with precision.

Easy to Do: No advanced skills required. This magic is designed to be accessible for magicians of all levels, ensuring a seamless and impressive performance every time.

Live Audience Ready: Take your magic to the next level by performing effortlessly in front of a live audience, creating unforgettable moments of wonder.

Download the magic today and unlock the secrets to this visually powerful performance that will elevate your magic game. Don't miss out on the opportunity to leave your audience in awe with this captivating illusion!

Get ready to astound, mesmerize, and create magic that defies explanation. Download now and make the impossible possible!

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