The Rippler by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

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The Rippler by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD
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A new kind of haunted deck!

Imagine you can riffle the whole deck with the power of your mind! The Rippler is an effect where you visually riffle down the corner of your deck of cards without ever rifling! The cards activate as if being riffled by a ghost or the power of your mind.

Dive in and let's discover the secret of The Rippler!

Effect 1: Use it before you ask your spectator to chose a card.

Effect 2: To locate a freely chosen card! Visually ripple and stop right where their card is.

Effect 3: A chosen card visually rises from the bottom to the top of the deck.

The gimmick is super easy to build.

  • Instant reset
  • Easy to perform
  • Unique gimmick
  • New method

Download and learn it today.

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