THE TREE by Marcos Waldemar & Invisible Compass video DOWNLOAD

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THE TREE by Marcos Waldemar & Invisible Compass video DOWNLOAD
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10,10 CHF
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THE TREE is not just a trick, this is an impromptu weapon that will allow you to perform miracles that will fool any spectator or magician.

By purchasing this product you will learn one of Marcos Waldemar's greatest secrets that he has been keeping for years, a kind of forcing that generates in the spectator the sensation of total freedom in the choice.

Do not underestimate the power of this technique that will fool magicians and spectators alike. In this case, Marcos shows us this technique through a personal effect brought directly from his professional repertoire getting incredible reactions.

  • 100% impromptu
  • No breather crimp
  • No card bending
  • No prediction changes

"Marcos has a very inventive mind. His new magic gives us all inspiration! His magic will shock, delight and amaze you!"
- Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Headliner

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