Band Shark by Dan Harlan (DVD)

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Band Shark by Dan Harlan (DVD)
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Dan Harlan ist sicherlich der Meister der Gummiband-Zauberei. Auf dieser DVD zeigt und erklärt er die original Routinen, die ihn weltbekannt machten.


Dan Harlan was instrumental in popularizing magic with rubber bands and is widely considered a master of rubber band magic. On this DVD he teaches the original routines and techniques that gave him his worldwide reputation. You will learn easy-to-perform rubber band magic that's perfect for impromptu situations.

Routines performed and explained:

A rubber band continuously snaps through your fingers under impossible conditions.

Instant Separation: Four rubber bands are wrapped around your fingers and fist but when the hand is shaken each of the rubber bands ends up on a different finger.

Traveling Tips: A streamlined variation of Dan Harlan's award winning, "Traveling Cash," routine. It is an outstanding piece of magic where two rubber bands are held between the hands and a spectator holds the top of four strands. Then, magically and visually the held strand begins to travel down to second, third and fourth positions. A reputation maker.

Original Impromptu Linking Rubber Bands: Dan Harlan's original method of linking and unlinking rubber bands.

P'Link: Two different colored rubber bands link and visually unlink as the hands are shown on both sides.

Snapped Again: A rubber band is convincingly broken and visually restored.

Incredible Shrinking Rubber Band: A rubber band visibly shrinks until it is so small it disappears.

Rubber Ring Flight: A borrowed finger ring vanishes and visually reappears tied to a rubber band.

Another Ringer: A variation of Bill Kalush's Rubber Ringer where a finger ring links and unlinks to a rubber band.

Joint Venture: A rubber band is wrapped around your finger and magically penetrates right through it. The sequence is repeated under more impossible conditions.

Wrist Band: A rubber band is wrapped around your wrist and magically penetrates right through it.

Michael Goldman's Twisted: Two strands of a rubber band visually rise through each other while being held by a spectator.

Band Roll-On: While a spectator is holding your finger a rubber band impossibly penetrates right through it.

All the routines are impromptu and can be done with borrowed rubber bands. In addition to the above routines Dan also teaches variations, applications and ideas to further enhance the magic. Original release date: DVD: July 2004, VHS: 1993. Running time: Approximately 60 minutes.

Special DVD Features:

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