At the Table - Thomas Medina

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At the Table - Thomas Medina

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Lernen Sie Zaubertricks mit Salz, Brot, Oliven, Pfeffer, usw.


Executive chef Tomas Medina has prepared an unparalleled 12-course meal of magic for your viewing pleasure.

Learn from this master magician the preparations behind an entirely impromptu performance of magic that's ready any time, anywhere, with items available at any table. A savory selection of magical delights has been made to order. Included are tricks with salt, bread, olives, pepper, toothpicks, bottles, and even human flesh! Fava beans are not on the menu, Dr. Lecter. Neither are gaffs, gimmicks or considerable preparation.

Each effect can be performed at a moment's notice, virtually impromptu. No longer will you balk at the request to "do a trick." Now, wherever you're dining, whenever you're in a crowd, whenever you're at the bar, you can do just that -- thanks to Chef Medina's stellar taste. You'll learn every nuance of each effect, too, thanks to his incisive, detailed instructions.
This broadcast-quality DVD features over 12 trick and is as instructional as it is enteraining.

Bon appetit!

Included effects:

Sleight of Arm
Bottle Production
Sugar Packets
Knife Swallow
Knife from Bread
Bounce a Roll
Sucker Salt Shaker
Torn/Restored Napkin
Vanishing Shot Glass
Coin under Watch
Coin on Hand

"...Tomas has nice handlings for most of the routines. Some of the standouts are his variation on Pat Page's glass production...the arm twisting routine...a one-cup (and ball) routine using a shot glass and olives that concludes with the vanish of the shot glass... in fact, this routine alone (if you learn and use it) is well worth the meager price being asked for the DVD." -Marc DeSouza, M-U-M, June 2009


"This latest disc from Fun Incorporated is an easy recommendation - a collection of impromptu magic effects that can be performed at a bar or restaurant...There is some neat twisting to the oldies here." -Joe Turner, Genii, April 2009

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