ArcKey Bending Key by Taiwan Ben

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ArcKey Bending Key by Taiwan Ben
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Verbiegen Sie Schlüssel mit ArcKey.


It's all about getting there in style.

The all new ArcKey by Taiwan Ben is the ultimate in key bending. 100% self-working!

Magic does NOT get any stronger than this. The entire effect can be performed in the spectator's hand.

The classic key bending effect can now be performed with a realistic looking car key.

Keep it on your key ring and perform at any time. Packs Small, Plays Big!

Once you hold this ultra high quality prop in your hand you will instantly notice the attention to detail.

• High Quality Gimmick

• Detailed tutorial Video

• 100% self-working

• Free One KeyChain Included

• Multiple six kinds of insignias Included (Audi, BMW, Toyota, Honda, VW, BENZ)

I love this incredible mental self bending car key magic, looks like movie special effect - Louis Yan


Note: ArcKey Bending Key and ArcKey Straightening Key are sold separately

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