Amazing Magic Tricks with Money (DVD)

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Amazing Magic Tricks with Money (DVD)

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Schnell und sehr einfach zu erlernende Tricks mit Geld.


Perform miracles with everyone's favorite ordinary item-money. Bills and coins grab interest immediately, and can be rustled up at a moment's notice, making the tricks on this DVD ready to perform practically anytime and anywhere. And best of all, there's no difficult sleight-of-hand to learn.
With the instant-access of DVD technology these tricks are extremely easy to learn. By freezing frames and jumping to specific performances and explanations, mastering these tricks becomes elementary for everyone.

You'll learn how to:

Balance a dollar bill on your hand and cause it to slowly lay down on command! Push a pencil through the center of a bill yet leave no hole! Vanish a marked penny from one hand and cause it to appear under the other! Cause two bills to melt through each other - right under a spectator's nose! And much, much more!