Alpha The Encyclopedia of Fire Magic

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Alpha The Encyclopedia of Fire Magic
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Wenn Sie Ihre Zaubershow einheizen wollen, dann ist diese feurige DVD-Serie genau was Sie gesucht haben. Feuereffekte die kaum zu übertreffen sind.


"Caution! Do not view these dvd's unless you want to really transform your act into something HOT! I was most impressed with the production and material. Apha's Fire magic is a great addition to our art!"
Jeff McBride creator of the Mystery School

This is the complete 4 volumes set, containing the following:


1/ Flaming Hands
This is one of the classic in fire magic, also known as the Fire Palm Gimmick. These gimmicks are expensive to purchase. Alpha fully explains how to manufacture your own set and how to use them.

2/ Flaming Thumb (2 versions)
Re-create the famous gag where you lit your cigarette with your own thumb. The first version has your thumb on fire, the second uses a gimmick.

3/ Ghost Candle
In this effect, the magician catches the flame from a candle to his fingertip. Alpha shows how to use a ghost candle, allowing you to instantly and magically extinguishing the flame from the candle.

4/ Flaming Finger, &
5/ Flaming Finger Tip

Alpha shows two different gimmicks to perform the flaming finger tip. One of them designed to last a long period of time, versus a second one for a short transition but smaller in size.

6/ Traveling Flame
This ingenious gimmick will allow you to magically appear a flame in your finger in your hand. Then, using your other hand, you catch the flame to place it wherever you please. (On a candle, in this example)

7/ Travelling Flame to Streamer
In this effect, Alpha catches a flame from a hot source in his hand. After a few seconds, as he throw the flame in the air, the flame transforms into a bunch of streamers. Extremely visual! Fully explained as of how to manufacture this unique gimmick.

8/ Flint Striker (2 versions)
These gimmicks are designed to ignite magically any flash products such as flash paper, flash cotton flash string and so forth… The first one is the traditional and universal version. The second one is designed to be performed with a playing card, a business card or a credit card for example.

9/ Flaming Wallet (2 versions)
Alpha explains how to manufacture your own flaming wallet. The first version uses a wallet designed for coins; the second is a more traditional wallet.

10/ Flaming Magazine
Very similar to the flaming wallet, this version allows you to put a magazine on fire. The flames are huge in size and the effect is extremely visual. Again, the manufacture process is detailed, so you will be able to make you own with any of your local magazine.

11/ Flaming Box
We couldn't go through the encyclopedia of fire magic without showing the flaming box. This is a very old effect where a hollow box on both side catches on fire, but can be shown at any time as being empty. Next, you place a silk through the box, and then again repeat the effect. The silk remains intact!

12/ Flaming Book (2 versions)
These are two version of a flaming book. Both are electric flaming book, the first will burn on one side of the book, the second on both sides. Alpha describes how to manufacture the book, but we strongly advise to own the volume 3 of the series where all the basics are explained on how to deal with electric and electronic devices.


1/ Rope on Fire to Cane
In this effect, you ignite a rope on fire and rotate it like a bolas. Gradually, the rope transforms into a cane. Beautiful and visual effect, perfect for stage acts.

2/ Appearing Rose to Glitter
A white rose transforms into a red rose in a flash of glitters. Here is another neat effect, very romantic and magical, published on video for the first time.

3/ Torch on Fire to Cane and Flaming Cauldron to Flowers
Use a torch to set a cauldron on fire. The flaming torch transforms into a cane, while the flames in the cauldron transform into flowers in a bright explosion! Despite the fact that the trick is almost self working, the set-up is filled with electronic devices. Alpha explains how to manufacture and set the device, but it is not the easiest one to manufacture. This is definitely a more advanced feature, but once ready, really worth the time.

4/ Burst of Flames (2 Versions)
This gimmick allows you to create multiple burst of flames, but in a very secure way. It does not involve any gas or fuel of any kind that could potentially leak and become a safety hazard. Alpha demonstrate and explain how to manufacture two versions, one using a Palm flaming gimmick, the second using a torch on fire.

5/ Flaming Saber and Flame to Glitter (2 Versions)
Using a Flaming saber, or a flaming dagger, you extinguish the flame from the saber (or the dagger) and put it in your hand. While tossing the flame in the air, it transforms into glitters.

6/ Breathalyzer
This is a very old trick you would do in bars to "test your level of alcohol". This is a do as I do effect, using fire, very easy to perform. Your performance will make it magical or turn it in a mind boggler.

7/ Fire Eater
Well, this is the exception that confirms the rule, as this effect requires absolutely no gimmicks. Alpha shows and explains how to "Eat" fire and how to get a flame burning on your tongue…

8/ Appearing Torch on Fire
A flaming torch appears from your bare hand in a quick and visual way. Alpha describe how to manufacture the gimmick properly

9/ Vanishing Torch on Fire and Torch on Fire to Silk
This effect combined two different kind of vanishing torch. The first one disappears, while the second one transforms into a silk.

10/ Floating Ball on Fire
This incredible effect has allowed Alpha to work all over the world. It is described here for the first time, and is really worth the price of the DVD. The flame of a candle floats everywhere you want, behind and in front of a silk, in the traditional floating ball effect.

11/ Appearing Fan on Fire
Using a large silk, you are able to produce a big Candelabra type of fan, on fire.

12/ Safety Flaming Torch (2 Versions)

Performing on stage requires sometimes a lot of safety issues. This section describes two types of safety torches that self extinguish, making your act safer!


1/ Basic Products
Suitable for each 4 volumes of the DVD set, Alpha covers the basic products you will need to perform the effects described among the program.

2/ Sound Effects
Gun shots, cannon shots and other explosive sounds are described in this chapter. Real sounds effects make your act more realistic, versus using a recorded soundtrack, and will definitely enhance your magic act.

3/ Flash Pot (Basic)
The basic flash pot allows you to create a burst of smoke in a loud bang using fast flash powder, or a cloud of smoke if you are using slow powder. Alpha also reviews the pre-made flash pot that you can find in stores.

4/ Flash Pot (Ball of Fire)
This version will allow you to create a ball of fire from a flash pot, in a burst of smoke. This is a fairly safe effect, yet very visual.

5/ Flash Pot (Flaming Pot)
The flaming pot creates a massive burst of flame that look like the flame of a rocket. Must be performed with caution.

6/ Airburst Guns
Alpha shows how an airburst gun is made, and how to set it up. The explosion of an airburst looks like a firework.

7/ Short Circuit (2 Versions)
This effect gives the illusion that you create a short circuit by putting a screwdriver in an electric plug.

8/ Other Gimmicks
In this final chapter, Alpha shows 5 different gimmicks that are used to create different special effects.


1/ Remote Control Flaming Book
This is a very special flaming book: it ignites by itself, and also extinguishes alone.

2/ Appearing Dove from Book on Fire

While performing a flaming book effect, close the book to extinguish the flames. Re-open it and a dove appears from the middle of the book.

3/ Airburst Vanishing Cane to Streamer
This is not your traditional vanishing cane to silk. This one contains a huge silk streamer, and vanishes in a loud and explosive airburst. Extremely flash and visual effect!

4/ Self Igniting Newspaper
This newspaper light on fire by itself. You can be reading it, or it can be placed in a bowl, in a chimney. A few second later, the newspaper goes on fire by itself. This effect works with any newspaper, and is totally impromptu. You can borrow any newspaper or magazine and you are able to perform this effect!

5/ Torch to Fan
In this effect, the magician holds a flaming torch that instantly transforms into a magnificent fan.

6/ Floating Fire Ball Act
Finally, Alpha shows and explains his floating fire ball act for the first time. In this performance, one, and then two balls of fire are floating all over the stage, crossing through a metallic ring, without any cover of any kind. The gimmicks and set up are fully explained.

Bonus Effect: Fake Gun Shot Bullet Wound Effect You've seen it countless times in movies. Alpha explains how to create a bullet wound effect, as "the victims" bleeds to death after firing a bullet from your invisible gun. No fire in this special effect, but definitely a nice addition to this DVD

WARNING: You must be 18 or older to purchase this DVD. Fire magic can be dangerous if improperly handled. Perform at your own risk!

DVD includes both French and English audio. You select the language of your choice at the opening of the DVD.

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