25 Amazing Tricks with Cups and Balls (DVD)

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25 Amazing Tricks with Cups and Balls (DVD)
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Noch immer diskutiert, ob dies der älteste überlieferte Zaubertrick ist. Niemand diskutiert aber über Stärke dieses Tricks, lernen auch Sie ihn!


Magicians argue over whether or not the Cups and Balls is the oldest magic trick on record. What no one argues about is the power of the trick. For centuries, the Cups and Balls has remained a staple trick of countless professional magicians.

Now with this DVD, you can learn the fundaments of this startling magical miracle. DVD technology makes learning easier than ever. Skipping from scene to scene, freezing frames and slow-motion play make it possible.

On this DVD you will learn how to:

-Cause balls to travel from cup to cup
-Perform complete Cups and Balls routines
-Make balls vanish and appear from your hands
-Cause one cup to pass through another
-And much, much more!

Hosted by Troy Hooser.


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