Zoom, Bounce, And Fly by Jeff McBride (DVD)

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Zoom, Bounce, And Fly by Jeff McBride (DVD)

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Lernen Sie von Jeff McBride Karteneffekte, die es in sich haben.


Learn the inside secrets of card spinning, McBride's famous floor bouncing, extreme card spin productions, flourishes, card juggling, and much much more!

...taught to you by one of the world's greatest teachers of magic!

Also included with the DVD, is a special McGrip-Tip SUPER CARD SHOOTER

DVD Contents:

• TheThurston Throwing Card
• Special Preparation of Cards
• Bobby Baxter at the Richiardi Show
• The Walsh Tarbell Spin
• Walk-On Jumbo Card Sequence
• Thumb Flick Spin
• Del Rosso Flick Flourish
• Fan Catch and Spin
• Backhand Catch
• The "Dropping a Card" Out
• Hacky Sack Kick
• Devil Stick Flick
• Perfect Spinner
• Two Hand Spinner
• Card Spinning
• The McBride Grip
• Safety
• Loading Gimmicks
• Arcing
• McBride's Famous
• Floor Bouncing
• Credits

Running Time Approximately 47min