X-ray box

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X-ray box
19,25 CHF
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Verfügbarkeit: nur noch wenige verfügbar

Lieferzeit: ca. 4 Tage

Produzieren sie einen X Ray Ausdruck von einer gewählten Karte.



After selecting a card, the magician shows a little polished aluminum box and takes out a piece of white photographic paper from it. He explains that it is a heat-sensitive paper. The spectator puts the chosen card on his right palm, the box with the paper inside over it, he covers the box with the lid and puts his left hand on top of all. After a few seconds the spectator himself opens the box and he finds the paper printed with a color x-ray image of both his hand and the selected card.

Lieferumfang:  Box aus Metall und zwei unterschiedliche X Ray Folien. Inkl. engl. Beschreibung

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