World's Funniest Mouthcoil Routine by Robert Baxt (DVD)

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World's Funniest Mouthcoil Routine by Robert Baxt (DVD)
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Robert Baxt ist FISM Gewinner und bekannt für seine Comedy Acts. Von ihm lernen Sie die grossartigsten Routinen mit Mundschlangen.



Robert Baxt, a F.I.S.M. winner for Comedy, releases his world famous handling of one of his all time greatest routines. A piece of comedy he's spent 30 years perfecting: The mouthcoil! On this DVD you will find all you need to know to do one of the funniest comedy magic routines ever seen. TONS more than we're showing in the video above! No sleight of hand, and no fussy moves are needed! A routine that's great for close-up, parlor, or stage; kids and/or adults! With a spectator, you perform a hilarious "do as I do" torn and restored paper routine that climaxes with the production of multicolored streamers from your mouth. A routine over five minutes long that's full of fun and foolery that will leave your audiences rolling on the floor with laughter. Comes complete with many different live shows of Robert at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, plus his detailed explanation with all the funny lines, bits, shtick, jokes, ad-libs and his helpful thoughts on comedy and presentation included for your education. AND FOR THE FIRST TIME HE GIVES AWAY HIS SECRET! HOW TO BLOW A MOUTHCOIL OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! CROWDS GASP WHEN IT SHOOTS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH YARDS AT A TIME! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Running Time Approximately 45min


"...have a blast performing this jewel of a routine...Mr. Baxt lets you in on some amazing never-before-revealed secrets...So, if you're looking for a great little routine to showcase your comedic personality, look no further than The World's Funniest Mouthcoil Routine."
Payne Fifield, M-U-M Magazine 6/1/2009


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Hält, was es verspricht
Bei Superlativen werde ich normalerweise immer skeptisch, aber diese Routine ist wirklich zum Brüllen komisch und ebenso für Kinder wie für Erwachsene geeignet. Die einzige neue Technik ist etwas übungsbedürftig, aber nicht wirklich schwer. Am besten gleich mehrere Packungen Regenbogen-Mundschlangen mitbestellen.
Absolute Empfehlung!
Review by Ulf / (Veröffentlicht am 24.06.2016)
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