World Class Manipulation by Jeff McBride Vol 1 (DVD)

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World Class Manipulation by Jeff McBride Vol 1 (DVD)
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Volume 1: Essential Sleight of Hand Techniques for Coins, Balls, and Thimbles

Jeff McBride is one of the greatest sleight-of-hand experts in the world. His extensive knowledge of manipulative magic is unparalleled. As a teacher, he is an engaging and dynamic spokesman on the meaning of magic and its place in contemporary culture. Jeff McBride's teaching style will help you to transcend your tricks and create a new form of magic theater. Now McBride shares with the magic world, for the first time, many never before disclosed techniques of the master manipulators. Jeff leads you step by step through this fascinating world of "digital" effects, and gives you the tools you need to become your best. A lifetime of manipulative masterpieces is contained in this unique three volume series.

On this DVD, Jeff McBride shows us:


Intention & Dedication

The Coin Roll

Types of Coins to Use

Coin Productions

The Downs Palm

Multi-Downs Palm

The Thumb Clip


Front Clip

Masters & Mentors

Coins to Pocket

Jumbo Coin Production

McBride's Jumbo Coin Change

Rehearsing on Video

The Miser's Dream Routine

Pails & Loading Techniques

Coin Penetration

Pantomime Toss

Basic Sleights

Advanced Sleights

The Shake-Up

Streamlining & Simplicity


Finger & Thimble Magic

Types of Thimbles to Use

Basic Vanish & Reproduction

Thumb Palm

Downs Palm

Retention Vanish

Basic Acquitment

Repeat Thimble Production

Finger Switch Technique

Confidence & Practice

Pinky-Dinky-Doo Vanish

Over-the-Top Vanish

Thumb Vanish

Costume, Props & Backdrops

In The Mouth!

The Pop-2 Versions

Repeat to Pocket

Jumbo Finale

Simple Flash Four Production

Infinite Thimble Routine

Silk Vanish

Thimbalistic (Bobby Baxter)


Billiard Ball Performance

Types of Balls to Use

Basic Ball Techniques

Ball Roll

The French Drop

Vanish & Reproduction

Top-of-the-Fist Vanish & Finger Vanish

Bottom-of-the-Fist Vanish

Flat-Palm Vanish

Toss Vanish

DeBiere Toss Vanish

Retention Vanish

Back-of-Hand Roll


Balls from Silk

Balls from Hand

Color Changes

Toss-Up Change

Drop-Down Change

Rollover Change

Slap-Down Change

Elevator Flourish

A Billiard Ball Routine

Shell Handling Techniques

Multiplying Sponge Balls


Card to Ball

Candle to Ball

Ball to Silk.


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