Very Best of Royal Road To Card Magic

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Very Best of Royal Road To Card Magic
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We are extremely proud to present the Best Of The Royal Road To Card Magic DVD. If you own the book and you are curious what 'sleight' should look like, or if you find it much easier to learn from a DVD, then this DVD is for you. The Best Of Royal Road To Card Magic will teach you the very best and most essential material from The Royal Road To Card Magic. Not only will you learn the most useful sleights and techniques but you also get to learn nine amazing and very powerful routines including: • Performances • Holding the deck • Spreading the deck • Overhand shuffle with controls • poker players picnic • with in-jog • pinky does it • Riffle shuffle with controls • in the air shuffle • The Glide • designed for laughter • Key Card • glimpse • grays spelling test • a meeting of the minds • do as I do • Palming a card • card to pocket • False cut • Double Lift • pinky break • turning over • common mistakes • rapid transit • thought and consequences • The Pass • Top and bottom change • Forcing a card • riffle force • crisscross force Running Time: Approximately 63min