Ultimate Coin Magic by David Roth (DVD) Vol. 1

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Ultimate Coin Magic by David Roth (DVD) Vol. 1
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Ultimate Coin Magic by David Roth ist die beste Sammlung von Münz-Tricks auf DVDs.


The Greatest Collection Of Coin Magic Ever Assembled On DVD!

Dai Vernon referred to David Roth as the "greatest coin manipulator in the entire world." On these special double-length videos, David teaches some of the techniques that earned him not only accolades from the Professor but from magicians worldwide. This is visual, miraculous coin magic taught by one the greatest practitioners the world has ever known. Learn from the best-it's the ultimate!

Volume One - Magic with Copper/Silver Coins & Expanded Shells/Magic with Folding Coins & Specialty Gaffs
In this volume, David Roth presents the ins and outs of some of the most popular gaffed coins: their history along with their proper use and care, in addition to some innovative uses. And, of course, you'll also learn some dynamite magic.


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