Turbo Stick (Props and Online Instructions) by Richard Sanders

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Turbo Stick (Props and Online Instructions) by Richard Sanders
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Der Turbo Stick definiert den Kellentrick neu. Fantastische Möglichkeiten!


Eye candy...on a stick!

Magician Leo Smetsers has produced a paddle that is made from 100% dry erase board. Whatever you write or draw on the paddle can immediately be wiped clean with your fingers. Draw anything on the paddle, transform it and then wipe it all clean in one swipe of the fingers. Turbo Stick allows you to perform almost any paddle trick...in one paddle!

In addition to the dry erase board paddle, you will also receive a training DVD explaining routines, ideas and concepts to use with your Turbo Stick:


12 moments of wow in under a minute. X's vanish, appear, transpose and multiply in rapid succession ending with an amazing visual production of the marker that you used at the beginning of the effect. You start and end clean. This is the perfect opening effect for table hoppers and working pros.

Red dots appear, disappear and multiply, ending by watching one of the dots visibly transforming into a sponge ball, this is repeated with a second sponge in an even more visual fashion, leaving you perfectly clean at the end with everything examinable. The perfect visual eye candy intro to your sponge ball routine!

Name Game
Letters drawn on the Turbo Stick, begin to vanish and rearrange themselves, ending with the letters visibly transforming into the spectator's very own name! Once again, everything is immediately wiped clean, leaving you clean and immediately reset for another performance!

Any Time Hot Rod
Draw any six objects on your Turbo Stick and have the spectator choose one. The magic starts to happen when the objects start to vanish, one by one, leaving you with only their selected object. As a crazy kicker, the paddle immediately becomes filled with their selected object one both sides! One swipe of your fingers and everything wipes away clean to end!

PLUS: Amazing production ideas, alternative endings, tips and more!

Turbo Stick, the paddle trick redefined!


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Nur zu empfehlen!
Wie meine Vorredner bin ich total begeistert. Ich habe den TurboStick zu Weihnachten bekommen und ihn immer dabei. Die Leute sind einfach nur begeistert. :-)
Review by Niklas / (Veröffentlicht am 20.03.2014)
Ein sehr schöner Trick. Ich hab das Paddle immer bei mir.
Review by Roman Grob , Dornach / (Veröffentlicht am 16.03.2014)
Ich finde den Trick sehr schön und er ist auch einfach zu erlernen. Ich hab ihn beim Zaubern immer dabei.
Review by Roman Grob , Dornach / (Veröffentlicht am 22.02.2014)
Great prop
This is such an easy and effectiv gimmick. I have it now always ready in my pocket.
Review by Chris Stengal / (Veröffentlicht am 18.09.2013)
Super visuell und einfach
Was da Richard Sanders wieder gemacht hat, ist verblüffend. Ein Klassiker neu verpackt und mit einer DVD versehen, die jede Menge Effekte präsentiert. Nach ein paar Minuten hat man das den Stick im Griff und kann schon loslegen.
Review by Chris / (Veröffentlicht am 04.07.2013)
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