Tora Blossom Flower Vase (Triple Blooms)

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Tora Blossom Flower Vase (Triple Blooms)

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Tora Blossom Flower Vase (Triple Blooms)



Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company

Years of research and development culminate in the launch of this innovative item that pushes magic beyond previous limitations. Now you can perform awe-inspiring, poetic, and breathtakingly romantic magic using this one-of-kind piece! Perfect for parlor or stage.
Magician displays an attractive Flower Vase with five blossoms to spectators, then he removes the blossoms from the vase. With a wave of the hand, the blossoms bloom! He removes the blossoms again, and in a magic gesture the vase blooms again. Once more he removes the blossoms and third production of blossoms fills the vase! This vase can change color of the Blossoms or even it can produce them in their previous color. Each unit comes with 20 plumes, the vase (with the revolutionary gimmick), and an instructional DVD that provides full performance and important details. Every detail and attention has been engineered into this piece, including the ease of which it can quickly be dissembled, stored and transported in the protective aluminum case. Rest assured the Tora feathers are of absolute quality. If you're looking for something truly unique - this innovative item from Tora Magic delivers.

The height of this item is : 48 cm

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