Tony Clark's Award Winning Card Routine (DVD)

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Tony Clark's Award Winning Card Routine (DVD)
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Auf dieser DVD erklärt Ihnen Tony Clark seine ausgezeichnete Kartenroutine.


In this hot new DVD, Tony will give you a detailed step by step private lesson that teaches you his award winning card routine. This routine has been in Tony's act for many years winning him: World Class Stage Champion - Society of American Magicians, The Bill Baird Award - for excellence in manipulation, Milbourne Christopher Award, Nominated Best Sleight of Hand Artist - World Magic Awards, Nominated by the Magic Castle for Best Stage Magician, Winner of the Best Classical Magic Act - World Magic Awards , and Magician of the year by the International Magician's society.

You will learn...

• Vanishing Cane
• Snake Fan
• Perfect Production
• Diminishing Cards
• Split Fans
• Single Card Productions
• Self Closing Fan
• Four Ace Vanish
• Four Ace Finale
• Perpertual Fans
• Pop Production
• Appearing Cane

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