This is Mentalism by Rich Ferguson DVD

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This is Mentalism by Rich Ferguson DVD
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Aus Rich Ferguson's persönlichem Mental-Akt kommen jetzt 11 starke impromptu Effekt und Techniken.


Harness the power to read minds and predict the future!
Out of Rich Ferguson's personal working mental act come 11 powerful impromptu effects and techniques.

Rich unlocks amazing effects with watches, numbers, IPhones, cards, business cards, forces and reveals.

Almost all of this DVD can be done 100% impromptu. Very useful for the intermediate but can be performed by beginner also. Blend mentalism with your magic and take the best from BOTH worlds.

• 11 Full-force Mentalism routines that Rich Ferguson builds his career upon.
• 100% Impromptu.
• Most have no reset or they reset instantly.
• Will teach you effects using cards, iPhones, watches, writing, business cards... and nothing at all.
• How to force your spectator to think of something specific.
• Deadly ways to reveal such guarded thoughts and premonitions.
• How to mix magic and mentalism to gain the best of BOTH worlds.


Force a bottom card through "visualization" using crime scene type methodology.
• Teaches psychological timing
• Teaches a "marker", a total reframing technique.
• 100% impromptu, Instant reset/No reset required.

Borrow a phone or calculator (Using an IPhone is SWEET) to get prediction to appear.
• The explanation reveals several ideas with numbers (like knowing someone's Social Security # )
• Added "Math Wiz" trick by letting others test YOU. Great additional trick!
• 100% impromptu, Instant reset/No reset required as you "set this up" in front of them.

You can draw anything they draw
• 100% impromptu
• It takes a couple minutes and you are set for years.
• Instant reset/No reset required.

Use your business card to reveal a chosen word in ANY borrowed book, newspaper, brochure, etc.
• Worth the DVD alone. This is something I showed Brad last year and he sat right up... I repeated it and he flipped. I WAS going to keep this or marketed it separate, but I think this DVD needed/deserved it. You will get freaking miles out it.
• 100% impromptu after you spend literally 15 seconds to make it. Once made, you easily carry it in your wallet behind other business cards. I'm not kidding when I say this will make people flip.
• Instant reset/No reset required as it is "fixed" essentially automatically when putting it away.

Figure out a spectator selected word in ANY BORROWED BOOK.
• 100% impromptu… borrowed book, anytime, no set up.
• Instant reset/No reset required.

Brand new way to gain a peek at a selected card while they are being sprung from one hand to another.
• Extremely undetectable and leaves no room for suspicion.
• 100% impromptu Instant reset/No reset required.

They pick and deal. You always win....always.
• Even let them switch cards.
• 100% impromptu Instant reset/No reset required.

Spectator guessed numbers on a grid start to add up to a merely thought of number. In every which way imaginable.
• Spectators have a hard time comprehending this.
• Only capable by a Nasa supercomputer.
• 100% impromptu Instant reset/No reset required.

Use a SECURITY SEALED envelope in extremely clever and new way.
• Use them "right out of magazines" or offices, etc.
• 100% impromptu.
• Instant reset/No reset required
• In a street magic method this is the only effect on here with prep IF you want to go there.

Stop a spectators watch just by using static electricity or just by touching a pressure point on their body.
• 100% impromptu.
• Instant reset/No reset required.

Out of THEIR OWN POCKET they pull an APPEARANCE of a prediction with THEIR signature on it. Powerful.
• Based on the Out to Lunch principle in a clever new way using a business card.
• 100% impromptu once you set this up.
• Takes a couple seconds to reset.


Ease of setup and reset is gold. You do NOT have to go buy anything extra.


Produktbewertungen 4 item(s)

Das ist tatsächlich Mentalism! Diese DVD setzt Maßstäbe.
Alle Tricks sind toll und sehr gut für close up, manche aber auch für Stand-up geeignet. Besonders gut gefällt mir, dass in manchen Fällen nur Techniken gezeigt werden und man aus diesen seinen eigenen Trick "zusammen bauen" kann. Falls Gimmicks benötigt werden, lassen diese sich leicht herstellen und dann immer wieder verwenden.
Review by Philipp / (Veröffentlicht am 21.03.2016)
sehr guter Inhalt
Das gezeigte Material ist ausschl. Close up vorzuführen. Es sind viel gute Prinzipien und einige starke Routinen auf der DVD, diese werden aber von Ferguson nicht völlig ausgeschöpft. Klare Kaufempfehlung.
Review by Der Realitätenmacher / (Veröffentlicht am 28.12.2014)
Diese DVD enthält Mental-Close-Up-Effekte. Rich Ferguson führt die Effekte auch live vor, sodass man sich gleich auf die verblüfften Gesichter der Zuseher einstellen kann.
Wiedermal ein Fall für 5 Sterne.
Review by Lukas, Kofler, Klagenfurt / (Veröffentlicht am 15.02.2014)
Die DVD enthält nette / zum Teil echt starke mental Effekte und viel Wissenswertes. Sbwohl Rich ferguson die Sachen ziemlich emotionslos erklärt, kann man alles gut verstehen - auch ohne perfekte Englischkentnisse. Lohnt sich auf jedenfall zu kaufen !!
Review by Alexgarcia / (Veröffentlicht am 06.02.2013)
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