The Red Envelope by David Sousa and Luis De Matos

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The Red Envelope by David Sousa and Luis De Matos
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Lassen Sie einen roten Umschlag erscheinen, transformieren und verschwinden.


“Red Envelope” ist David Sousa’s preisgekrönter Stummeffekt. Der Effekt hat eine ganze Generation von Weltklasse-Manipulatoren und Meister inspiriert und führte zur Ernennung von David zum Honorarprofessor an der Akademie der magischen Künste in Südkorea.

Ein roter Umschlag erscheint, transformiert und verschwindet auf erstaunliche Weise. Diese unglaublichen visuellen Effekte können bei jeder Bühnenvorstellung verwendet werden und das ausgeklügelte System kann für mehr erstaunliches verwendet werden.

Die Effekte umfassen: Ball zu Schal, Interlock Kartenproduktion, Stockproduktion, Kartenfächer zu Umschlag, Karte zu Konfetti, zerrissene und restaurierte Jumbokarte, Umschlagproduktion und Transformationen. Lernen Sie David’s Techniken und kreieren Sie auch Ihre eigenen atemberaubenden visuellen Effekte.

Sie erhalten die englischsprachige DVD (ca. 1h 35 Minuten) und ein extradünnes Manipulationskartenspiel.


"MY THOUGHTS: This is one of the best DVDs I’ve seen in a long time. Not because I’m ever going to perform this act, but because watching it was a masterclass in what goes in to making a great act. From the moment a pair of gloves morph in to a ball to the wonderful story line of a red envelope and a card that keep vanishing, appearing and growing in size, this has everything I would class as a real magic act. It’s no wonder David has inspired a new generation of magicians that are now winning all the major competitions around the world. I was totally taken in with the story line and the poetry of this act. Even if you never perform the act in its entirety, there are parts you could take out and include in your own repertoire. I loved the opening of gloves to ball then to scarf and cane - this would be a great opening for my Chaplin act if performed in my character. And that is what I think this is all about, taking moments from the act and adapting them to suit your own style. There will no doubt be those that want to put in the hard work needed to perfect David’s act, but the real benefit will be for those who understand the other elements of this that make it a piece of theatre. For the serious student who wants to learn about how to craft an act this is a must have DVD. There are moves in here that reminded me of a dove act, but with read envelopes and cards rather than doves. For those who love manipulation you are going to love this product as David walks you step by step with his own routine, as well as supply you with special manipulation cards. Not only is this a masterclass is crafting an act, it is also a lesson in misdirection. David goes through everything from where he looks to where his hands are position at every moment in the routine. So much thought has gone in to every little detail from how to make the cards invisible by using black art to a very practical tail Toppit for those who don’t wear tails. The filming is first rate, which is what we have come to expect from Luis Matos, and the instructions are very clear and precise. The act is broken in to segments making it easy if you want to just learn certain segments. If every magician put this much thought and practice in to their act then magic wouldn’t have that certain stigma of ‘bad cheesy acts.’ There is a bonus section where David explains what he does to prepare his cards for the manipulation part of the act. If you are looking for a complete act, or looking for something to add to your current act this DVD is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you are new to magic I would also recommend this as inspiration of what can be achieved with work.”

- Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 10/1/2013

"Luis de Matos has done a wonderful job of bringing this incredible project to the market...You owe it to yourself to acquire this set and experience it for yourself, probably many times over. It gets my absolutely highest recommendation."

- Marc Desouza, M-U-M Magazine 12/1/2013

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