The Professional Repertoire of Etienne Pradier

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The Professional Repertoire of Etienne Pradier
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Das sind die Tools und Effekte, die Etienne zu einem der Top-Zauberkünstler in seiner Branche machen.


ETIENNE PRADIER is a man at the top of his game, he has been one of the elite professional close-up magicians in the UK for the past 15 years.

For the first time on this 2-DVD set, ETIENNE PRADIER will reveal his complete working repertoire in full detail. Nothing is held back; these are the tools, effects, and bits of business that got Etienne to the top and kept him there.

If you desire to make the step up to being a professional magician then this DVD set will be an invaluable insight into a working pro's arsenal of tricks. Included is a 20 minute interview where Etienne answers the questions pros want to know.

See Etienne perform his fully worked out routines, filmed at real events and venues including walk around, corporate and table magic.

Disk 1

Bill Switch - Etienne's Opener. A borrowed £10 note turns into any named currency in the world!

Finger Snap - get unbelievable reactions with nothing more than your bare hands!

The Broken Glass - A quick-fire effect which is guaranteed to get the attention of the whole table!

Bottle Through Table - Etienne's signature piece. This is the effect that gets him rebooked time and time again.

Ring Flight - A professionals handling for this close-up magic classic.

Impromptu Signed Card in Sealed Bottle - A spectator's signed card miraculously appears in a sealed beer bottle! This is worth the price of the DVD alone! Completely impromptu - a real reputation maker!

PLUS... Pocket Management

Disk 2
The Wedding Test - This is Etienne's take on the Anniversary Waltz.

Card to Pocket - A powerhouse card routine that is a real spectators favorite.

Impromptu Stooge - Turn a tricky spectator into your biggest fan with this sneaky gem.

Coin under Watch - Fast furious magic with a killer finish.

A Quick Turnover - Visual snappy card magic perfect for strolling worker.

Two Card Monte - An original reworking of this bar magic classic.

Sleights explained include: double lift, cull, classic pass, top change, peek, side steal, false cut, slip cut force and a full explanation of the classic bill switch.

Plus 2 bonus effects and a 20 minute interview with the man himself on how to get work and then get re-booked !

Disc One Running Time Approximately 68min
Disc Two Running Time Approximately 72min

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