The One by Po Chen Kuo

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The One by Po Chen Kuo
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Lernen Sie detailliert Techniken für CD Manipulation.


Po-Chen Kuo, a talented magician with one of the best CD manipulations in the world. He has received international awards throughout Asia in countries sich as Japan, Malausia, Tiwan, and Beijing.

In this DVD, Po-Chen Kuo explains in detail techniques for CD manipluation such as the angle and finger position. He will also demonstrate a number of original ideas and techniques that you will not find elsewhere. This is a DVD for both professional and amateur magicians, so what are you waiting for?


- Wash Hand
- Toss Vanish
- Tenkai Palm
- Perfect Palm
- Perfect Vanish
- Holder & Body Steal
- Perfect Toss Vanish
- Into the Box
- Waterfall
- Proliferate
- Color to Silk
- Propeller
- One Line
- CD Ring
- Crash
- Open the Box
- Seis Fleur
- Ocho Fleur
- Hyperlight
- Basic Routine & BONUS

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