The Multiple Revelation Project

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The Multiple Revelation Project
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Sie erhalten 2 DVDs und ein Buch um diesen ultimativen Kartentrick zu lernen.


The Multiple Revelation may well be the ultimate card trick. The magician has ten to fifteen spectators each select a card and then finds them in a dazzling array of increasingly impressive ways. It involves the entire audience, uses just an ordinary deck of cards, can be performed in any environment and looks incredibly skilful (even though it need not be difficult to perform). It's the kind of trick that people remember for years afterwards.

Consisting of two DVDs and a book, The Multiple Revelation Project is a unique way of learning this reputation-making routine. The first DVD focuses on everything you need to know to perform this unique effect, including six of the best ways to control cards. The second DVD teaches over 65 different ways to reveal the spectator's selection. Together, the set teaches you how to add improvisation to your magic and use the best controls, revelations and gags for your particular audience. No performance will ever be the same again.

Whether you are an amateur performing at a party, a professional doing walkaround, or a hobbyist at a dinner party this DVD set will be an incredible addition to your arsenal of moves.

Between them, professional close-up magicians Andi Gladwin and Rob James have been closing their performances with this routine for over fifteen years. There are no better people to teach you how to close your act with it too.

DVD #1
Routine Structure & Your Introduction
Live Performances (shot at Illusions Magic Bar, Bristol and The Daffodil, Cheltenham)
History & Suggested Research
Selection Procedures (Side Steal, Fireworks Control, Spread Cull, Marlo's Riffle Pass, Bobby Dazzler)
Comedy Ideas, Shuffling The Deck, Structuring Your Reveals
Troubleshooting, Walkaround & Tradeshows
An Easy Routine To Get You Started
Going Out Of Order, Keeping It Interesting, Your Closer

DVD #2
Quick & Easy Revelations
   The Fan Revelation
   Behind The Back
   Card From Pocket
   The Chinese Deal
   False Cut To The Table
   Ship's Cook Revelation
   Dead Cut
   Slipcut To The Middle
   John Guasterferro's Ballerina Cut

Flourish Revelations
   The Revolving Pass
   The Fan Change
   The Z Cut
   Joker Reveal
   Daryl's Hot Shot Cut
   The Airdrop
   The Rising Card

Spectator Finds Their Own Card
   Numbers 1 to 10
   Classic Force
   Hindu Shuffle
   Under The Spread Force
   Leipzeig Palm
   Leipzeig Palm Variation

Popout Revelations
   The Kelly Popout
   Another Cutting Discovery
   Long Distance
   Piet Forton's Pop Out
   The Top Shot
   Pop Up
   Spin Out
   A Cutting Discovery

Production Revelations
   The Spinning Move
   Spin From The Middle
   The Spin Revelation
   Looy Simoniff's Flippant
   Backpalm Production
   The Fancy Find Flourish
   Ben Harris' Superflip

Utility Revelations
   Using Tilt
   The Fritz Deck Vanish
   The Chaos Cut
   Cut & Spread
   I Don't Like That Card
   Pass False Cut
   Card Under Glass
   Slap Change
   Let's Spell Your Name
   Card In Card Case

Funny Revelations
   You Picked The Same Card?
   Card From Ear
   Card From Fly
   The Long Card
   Card In Spectator's Mouth
   Unexpected Prediction
   No Card At All
   I Don't Even Have A Pocket
   One Back Up

Multiple Card Revelations
   Road Trip Sandwich
   The 2 Card Toss
   The 3 Card Toss
   The 4 Card Toss
   The Two Sandwich
   6am Production
   Same Card Multiple Times

Plus Using Duplicates & Chair Loading

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