The Legacy by Mark Raffles

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The Legacy by Mark Raffles
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Begleiten Sie die Nummer 1 im Trickdiebstahl auf dieser limitierten DVD! Das erste Mal auf DVD erklärt Mark Raffles seine Trickdiebstahl-Show, die Generationen inspirierte!


Join the world's number one pickpocket in this limited edition collector's DVD. For the first time on DVD Mark Raffles reveals his entire act...A show that inspired a generation.


- A history of the act -

Mark explains how it all began.

- Archive footage featuring rare tv clips...

The Magic Circle Show (1981), the Secret Cabaret (1990), the Russel Hardy Talk Show (1987), The Amazing TV Show (1975)

- The Complete Act Revealed.

- Practice Techniques:
• Different Types of Pocket Steals Explained
• The Watch Steal - All Types Are Discussed
• Lifting for Laughs - The Complete "Dummy" Routine

The Cups and Balls With Chicks:

For the first time, Mark performs and explains in depth his amazing routine including:

• The Types of Cups to Use
• Table Design, and Set-Up
• Loading Methods

Hints and Tips What People Are Saying:

"Mark Raffles and Russ Stevens are two class acts on the British Magic scene. This DVD meets all expectations, providing a magnificent record of one of the great acts of British Variety. It's informative too. Quite wonderful!" - John Fisher