The Gypsy Thread (World's Greatest Magic) (DVD)

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The Gypsy Thread (World's Greatest Magic) (DVD)
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Lernen Sie 6 verschiedene Variationen einen Faden zu zerreissen und wieder herstellen.


Imagine owning the most comprehensive magic book ever written. This would surely be a treasured possession for any magician with each chapter focusing on a single aspect of the craft and the very best routines ever created for it. That's the idea behind L&L Publishing's critically-acclaimed DVD series, The World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians. Each volume is like another chapter in the world's best magic book. Featuring in-depth exposition and instruction on some of magic's most cherished and classic effects by its most-talented practitioners, this unprecedented series represents an essential reference work for anyone interested in the magical arts, regardless of their skill level.

The effect that is commonly referred to as Gypsy Thread was first introduced into the literature of magic in 1584 by Provost and ever since, magicians - and presumably their audiences - have been fascinated and enchanted by the simple yet profound concept of a simple strand of thread being broken into small pieces and restored at the magician's fingertips.

On this DVD, you'll see six different interpretations of this straightforward and beautiful trick. Daryl begins with the classic version, complete with several significant Al Baker touches. Geoffrey Buckingham offers tips on how to make the Gypsy Thread the perfect cabaret trick while Bob Read adds his comedic genius. Henry Evans demonstrates his flashy - and completely clean - ending while Cellini teaches a stunning version using yards of thread that could play not only on the street but in the biggest theater. Finally, Eugene Burger performs a highly theatrical trick using the thread as an insightful metaphor.

Gypsy Thread is an iconic trick that can express different things in the hands of different performers and now, with the help of the gifted performers presented here, you'll be able to add this classic of magic to your own act.

• The Hindu Thread Trick - Daryl
• Gypsy Thread - Geoffrey Buckingham
• Gypsy Thread - Bob Read
• Torn and Restored Flash Thread - Henry Evans
• The Gypsy Thread (Street Style) - Cellini
• Shakespearean Thread - Eugene Burger (performance only)

Running Time Approximately 58min


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Diese DVD bietet verschiedene Versionen des Hindu-Faden-Tricks. Während die Routine von Daryl eine zeitgemässe und gut nachvollziehbare Version bietet,fallen die anderen Versionen deutlich ab. Teils sind sie langatmig, teils so alt, dass deren Studium alleine wegen der Bild- und Tonqualität keinen echten Spass macht. Deshalb lieber gleich die Fooler Doolers by Daryl Vol 2 (DVD) kaufen, auf der der Hindu-Faden Trick (Al Baker) drauf ist und noch jede Menge weitere gute Tricks mitgeliefert werden.
Review by Zauberkiste / (Veröffentlicht am 21.01.2015)
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