The Gypsy Thread by Quoc-Tien Tran - DVD

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The Gypsy Thread by Quoc-Tien Tran - DVD
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Quoc Tien Tran bringt Farbe in den berühmten klassischen Effekt "Gypsy Thread".


A thread is broken into small parts, they are rolled up together into a ball and then the thread is magically restored.

But this time the pieces have different colors, so in the end they restore into an impossible multicolor thread without knots. Because the knots have diappeared under the very eyes of the audience as if the pieces of thread were melting together. A poetic an magical moment!

Three versions are explained on the DVD.

  • A close up version
  • A parlor version
  • And, as a bonus, the classical version

Two reels of thread (white and red) are provided.

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