The Art of Street Performing by Cellini Vol 1 (DVD)

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The Art of Street Performing by Cellini Vol 1 (DVD)
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Eine der besten DVDs für den Strassenzauberer von heute. Diese DVD wird Sie unterhalten und verzaubern und Ihr Leben verändern - für immer!


A word from Cellini about this long-anticipated video release:

"This video will do much more than entertain you. It will enlighten you and excite you. It can even change the course of your life. I have tried my best to explain this illusive art. You will learn how to attract, build, hold and entertain an audience, while making a good living. Those I have influenced found themselves transformed by the experience in ways they never imagined. All the secrets are's up to you. It could change your life did mine!" - Cellini

Running Time: Approx. 56 Minutes